We are a rural fire district, starting as a subscription only and then growing into a tax based, 5 station, and 33 member department. Our department operates on a budget of $304,712 a year. The budget is divided into categories based on actual costs from previous years adjusted for predicted increases. In the past we have been battling a budget crisis every year. This mainly occurred because of the age and condition of our equipment. Just recently we have been able to move out of this crisis management mode as far as our budget was concerned. We have 2 full-time employees and 2 part-time salaried duty officers. Between them all administrative duties are performed. All of our firefighters are volunteer and they receive a reimbursement for each call they respond to.

Our district is funded completely through tax revenue.

Over the past 15 years our coverage area has experienced a 20% growth in population. At the same time, our department has had a corresponding increase in call volume. During this time period the number of volunteers that we have available to respond to alarms has decreased dramatically. Since 2010 we have lost nearly 33% of our firefighters. All of these concerns could be easily answered if our department could add additional firefighters to our district for response while retaining the volunteers we currently have.