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Training on our new air bags tonight. We would like thank the Board of Directors and the Firefighter Association for the funds.

Branson Firefighters extinguished an outbuilding fire this afternoon next to a residential home. No injuries, minimal damage.

Chief Bower being interviewed by KY3 News about our recent grassfires and how dry it is. Kadee walked all around in the black.

Ok folks please don't burn anything today. It's going to be windy, so conditions are not good to burn.

Conditions are very dry so please be very cautious when burning anything outside. Five structures were threatened in this fire one was lost

Ok folks stop burning stuff. It's to hot, dry and windy.

Second grass fire with a small shed involved. 5 more structure in danger, but saved. Cause was from burning trash. We requested Forsyth FD.

Ok folks it's hot, windy and dry. Don't burn please. Very luck today they didn't lose their home.

Units responding to Natural cover fire

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