The District

The Central Taney County Fire Protection District (CTCFPD) is a rural fire protection district located in Taney County, Missouri.

The CTCFPD began as a dues-based service in 1983 and has since grown into a tax-based district that supports five stations and roster of thirty five to forty firefighters. Our district currently operates on a budget of roughly $305,000 a year. The CTCFPD currently relies on property taxes as our main source of funding which at times is supplemented with federal grants.

We are primarily a volunteer fire department with a full-time Fire Chief, Secretary to the Board, and two part time District Chiefs. We provide emergency services to 13,000 full time residents of our two hundred square mile fire protection district. These services include structural and wildland firefighting, emergency medical response, vehicle extrication, search and rescue operations, as well as many not-so-traditional responses for hazard mitigation. Additionally, our district sees an average seasonal population increase of 2,000 people. In 2018, our members responded to 903 calls for service.

To provide services to our district, we utilize five strategically placed fire stations. These stations collectively house five engines, five tankers, five brush trucks, one large rescue, and one small rescue/mini-pumper. Our Chief Officers utilize three utility vehicles for their individual duty shifts. We currently have 38 volunteer firefighters on our roster who receive a fuel reimbursement for each call they respond to.

Our Community

The Central Taney County Fire Protection District sits in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. Lakes Taneycomo and Bull Shoals flow through portions of our district and provide an outdoorsmen’s haven for fishing, boating, hunting, camping, and other activities. The eastern and southern portions of our district are comprised in part by the Mark Twain National Forest, which is open only to foot traffic. These forests, lakes and hills attract many visitors to the area.

Our coverage area is almost entirely rural, being comprised of everything from cattle farms to unincorporated subdivisions to small towns with populations of about 1,000. Two main arteries of travel for the county also pass through our District. State Highway 76 and US Highway 160 both serve as thoroughfares for citizens and visitors wishing to move from east to west across our county.

From 2000 to 2010 the population of our district increased by 20%. The majority of our district’s structures are residential in nature. There are also a number of multifamily dwellings. Our commercial structures are found primarily in the areas surrounding Forsyth and Kirbyville. Only 2% of the district is served by a municipal water system with fire hydrants. As a result, our district relies almost exclusively on water shuttle and drafting operations.

Our neighbors to the west are Branson, Hollister, and Stone County. They provide year-round activities that bring approximately 7.3 million visitors a year to the area. Many of these visitors travel our way to enjoy the view, outdoor activities, and relaxing atmosphere offered here. To the east of our district you’ll find Bradleyville, Cedar Creek, and Protem. We have the benefit of sharing our borders with the Bradleyville Fire Protection District, the Protem Fire Protection District, the Western Taney County Fire Protection District, the Forsyth Fire Department, and the Cedar Creek Fire Protection District. All of whom provide assistance to help meet the mission of the CTCFPD.